Monday, March 26, 2012

The Horrors of Horse Racing

I have never been a follower of Horse Racing. However, when I heard that HBO was starting a new series called Luck about horse racing, with Dustin Hoffman, I just had to watch it. How often is there a series on TV about horses? The photography of the horses can be stunning; but the behind the scenes look at gambling and horse racing is not flattering. I think it is an eye opener for all of us who love our horses and fret when they get a bug bite.

This week the NY Times presented an even gloomier look at horse racing. I hope it will get PETA and the AHA just as steamed up about the conditions at the real race tracks as they were at the loss of 3 horses on the set of LUCK.

The following are links to the articles about the cancellation of LUCK (because of the death of 3 horses) and the NY Times expose on Horse Racing. Let's hope the ill fated show, and death of 3 horses, might possibly bring to a larger audience, and the HORSE RACING GOVERNING BODY, the need for tighter regulations and more humane care of horses in the racing industry.

LUCK the HBO TV Show

The above 2 photos are the real deal from Horse Racing.
Follow up Story.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Horses of Panama, Cabalgata David

Love these two!!
All of the Horse pictures of the Cabalgata and the Quarter Horse Show have been supplied by Jane Hampton.

Filly for Sale in Chiriqui Panama

Pretty 15 month old Filly for Sale or Trade. For more information contact Rose: Rose Smith

David Cabalgata, The Horses of Panama

Elegance on horseback--notice the woman on the right in the black dress.
I'm not sure he is old enough to be drinking--but it's the Cabalgata, anything goes!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Quarter Horse Association Show, David Fair 2012

Black Stallion for Sale Panama

This is a"Black Arab Stallion".   A 15hh mix Morgan, Thoroughbred,
Paso Fino, Arab.  Brilliantly ridden and trained by "Jimmy". A 5 year old for only $5,000.
For more information on this horse you can email: Jane 

Monday, March 12, 2012


Close to the Costa Rica border, around 50 kilómeters in fact, Panama's third-largest city can be found, DAVID, on a coastal plain in the west-Panamanian Chiriqui Province, of which it is the capital. There are 440 kilómeters from David to Panama City, and you can either drive or fly here.

David is one the country's best and most beautiful cities, and it is able to offer some interesting things to do. Since it is such an important travel hub, it has been doing a lot of growing up in recent years, especially as Panama tourism begins to find itself on the world radar.

Try visiting David during the middle of March, when the Feria Internacional de David is going on. This week-long festival is quite an interesting affair, featuring products from the region as well as from other countries. The fair is also a showroom of Panamanian traditions. It's truly something to experience if you get the chance.

The 2012 International Fair will be from March 15th through the 25th. March 17th the Quarter Horse association will present their annual horse show and competition. On March 19th thousands of horses will take to the streets for the Cabalgata.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

American Quarter Horse Association: Ban use of cruel training devices in warm-up areas at their horse shows

Why This Is Important
Quarter Horses are gentle, calm, willing to please, and the pride and joy of America. They don't understand why their riders are hurting them, even though they are doing what is asked of them. Some riders use leverage devices like draw reins through leverage bits to artificially slow the Quarter Horses' natural gait, the sole purpose of which is to make the horse easier and smoother to ride for humans. This combined method of leverage can place about 40 pounds of pressure to the horse's tongue and lower jaw, interferes with natural balance, the nuchal ligament of the neck, and restricts airways.

One of the Largest Prize Money Shows in America.

This is not what American Riding is about, these are just people who are too stupid to know any better.

Go to the link below and vote to ban this type of behavior from people. 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Horse Shopping Resource Guide • Chiriqui, Panama

It is often difficult to navigate the streets of David; and as a newcomer, even more difficult to find the Rancho shops with all the horse goodies. The above map has only some of the Rancho shops. As I discover more shops and places of interest for horse owners I will update the map.

If you live in Boquete there is also one shop in Dolega that carries some basic essentials. Driving from Boquete toward David you veer left at the fork in Dolega. The Rancho is a couple of blocks down on the right. They carry a wide variety of medicines; grain; hay; ropes, etc.... 

If you would like a larger image of the map you can email me and I will send you a GIF file.

Friday, March 2, 2012

New Orleans Arrives in Boquete with Mardi Gras Parade

The Jazz and Blues Festival started in Boquete this week with a spectacular Mardi Gras parade. The festivities began at the BCP and ended at the Panamonte where the Smokin Time Jazz Club entertained a wildly wicked crowd of jazz enthusiasts. The garden at the Panamonte was perfect for this event--we all felt like we were in New Orleans. The band was fabulous!