Monday, March 12, 2012


Close to the Costa Rica border, around 50 kilómeters in fact, Panama's third-largest city can be found, DAVID, on a coastal plain in the west-Panamanian Chiriqui Province, of which it is the capital. There are 440 kilómeters from David to Panama City, and you can either drive or fly here.

David is one the country's best and most beautiful cities, and it is able to offer some interesting things to do. Since it is such an important travel hub, it has been doing a lot of growing up in recent years, especially as Panama tourism begins to find itself on the world radar.

Try visiting David during the middle of March, when the Feria Internacional de David is going on. This week-long festival is quite an interesting affair, featuring products from the region as well as from other countries. The fair is also a showroom of Panamanian traditions. It's truly something to experience if you get the chance.

The 2012 International Fair will be from March 15th through the 25th. March 17th the Quarter Horse association will present their annual horse show and competition. On March 19th thousands of horses will take to the streets for the Cabalgata.

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