Wednesday, February 8, 2012

El Capitan Finds New Home

October 2011 I was forced to find new homes for my many tour horses. Boquete Mountain Safari--my former tour company--had been sold and the new owners did not want the care and expense of the horses. The horses were a significant part of the company, as well as, the loves of my life. So good homes for all but my Far Boy were a top priority. Thankfully it was not a difficult task as the horses were in good health, easy to ride, and trail ready. There were some disappointed Chiriqui Saddle Club members, however, as some of the horses were rented out to them for club rides. So last October the quest started to find Karen a new horse. It was a long and sometimes painful journey as Heather, another club member, and I fell in love with several of the horses we found for Karen. But alas, Karen did not. Because of a serious fall during a Boquete Cabalgata
Karen insisted on a gaited horse (a paso or paso mix). 

Finally a few weeks ago Karen decided to buy El Capitan, from a dairy farmer in Poterillos. He is a beauty with a couple of issues: he is 13 and still a stallion; his feet are in need of a lot of trimming; he has lived by himself for 4 years (no other horses, only cows). How he will behave with other horses is still a mystery. Karen is getting him cut (gelded--no more stallion), so he CAN be with mares without impregnating them. The Question remains: will he still think he is a stallion and act like a 'proud cut' gelding. Only time will tell as he has not been cut yet; and he has not been on a trail ride with any other horses. We all wish Karen well as she absolutely loves this horse.

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